Anthem Launch Trailer Drops

With Anthem’s highly anticipated release fast approaching, EA have dropped the game’s launch trailer. This comes on the heels of the trailer released earlier this month detailing Anthem’s endgame content, and serves as a brief overview of everything we know about the game to date.



Anthem’s endgame has been a topic of intense debate since the game’s open beta. At launch, players who finish the main story campaign will be able to take part in Challenges, Contracts, Strongholds, and Free Play. The endgame trailer detailed plenty of post-release support that Bioware has in the pipeline though – starting with Echoes of Reality in March, which promises new missions, new events, new rewards, and an expanded progression system. The game’s big content drops will come in the form of Acts, which appear to work in a similar way to Destiny 2’s seasons.

In addition to this Bioware shared details for general quality of life improvements and new limited-time world events called Cataclysms. Cataclysms are described as the most challenging content Anthem has to offer, and will throw players up against hordes of super-tough enemies and extreme open world weather conditions.

Anthem will release for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 22nd. However, EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will be able to play Anthem from February 15th, a whole week earlier than anyone else.

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