Bungie Announce Big Changes Coming To Gambit

In this week’s ‘This Week At Bungie’ newsletter, Bungie announced some interesting changes to Destiny 2’s Gambit game mode to shake things up in Season six.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Gambit is a PvEvP horde mode activity where two teams of Guardians battle waves of humanity’s enemies in a race to summon and then defeat a Primeval (boss monster). Thing is, players can also periodically invade the other team’s arena and take out the competition. Doing so will either hinder the enemy team’s efforts to summon a Primeval or heal a portion of its health if they’ve already summoned one.


Season six is the Season of the Drifter and also when the Joker’s Wild DLC will be released, so this is the perfect time for the devs to show our favourite rogue lightbearer some love. In his TWAB post, dmg04 stated: “We’re changing the way this little game is played, based on our own experience as players and a lot of feedback that we’ve collected since Forsaken launched.”

Below are the changes that will affect Gambit when Update 2.2.0 drops.

• Round Three of Gambit matches will become a Primeval rush sudden death to speed up matches overall and change the pace of the tiebreaker round.

• Increase in the number of invading Guardian spawn points and an overhaul in how appropriate spawn points are selected. This is to reduce the possibility of spawning near to or in direct line of sight of enemy Guardians.

• Implementation of Idle Protection to prevent AFK players from receiving end of match rewards or Infamy Points.

• The conditions for obtaining the Triumph ‘Light Vs. Light’ have been altered to include Super kills on any Guardian, not just invading Guardians. This should make attaining the Dredgen title a little less arduous.

• Major adjustments have been made to Blocker types:

Small Blockers – Taken Goblin with less health than the previous Taken Phalanx.

Medium Blockers – Taken Captain with more health than the previous Taken Knight.

Large Blockers – Taken Knight with more health than the previous Taken Ogre.

All of the above changes will take affect when Update 2.2.0 hits the game at the start of the Season of the Drifter on March 5th. As a special treat Bungie have also announced triple Infamy Points for all Gambit activities and bounties completed during the last week of Season Five, the Season of the Forge.

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