How To Unlock Kingdom Hearts III’s Secret Ending

Kingdom Hearts III may be the end of the Xehanort saga, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end of the franchise. A hidden cut scene has been discovered after the ending that could hint at a possible sequel.

Both the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II had hidden cut scenes that detailed aspects of the next game in the series, so the appearance of this new cut scene shouldn’t take fans entirely by surprise.

What is new though, is the manner in which it is unlocked. Scattered throughout the worlds of Kingdom Hearts III are hidden Lucky Emblems that look like a stylised Mickey head. There are 90 Lucky Emblems to collect in total, so players will need to remain vigilant all the way through the game. These Emblems can take on many forms and are presented in a number of ingenious ways, so it is important to scrutinize your surroundings as you go.

Below are some screenshot examples of Lucky Emblems as well as a list of how many Emblems there are per world.

KH3_Lucky_Emblems_03KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_20190202151401KH3_Lucky_Emblems_01KH3_Lucky_Emblems_04

Olympus (Hercules) – 12 Lucky Emblems
Twilight Town – 9 Lucky Emblems
Toy Box (Toy Story) – 11 Lucky Emblems
Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) – 9 Lucky Emblems
Monstropolis (Monsters, Inc.) – 11 Lucky Emblems
Arendelle (Frozen) – 11 Lucky Emblems
The Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean) – 13 Lucky Emblems
San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) – 11 Lucky Emblems
100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh) – 3 Lucky Emblems

In order to collect these Lucky Emblems all players have to do is capture them using the Gummiphone’s camera, and the game even ticks them off for you in the camera interface so you never lose track of the Emblems you’ve already collected.

The goal here isn’t necessarily to collect all 90 Lucky Emblems, though as a completionist that is certainly what I would do. There is a second factor governing whether or not players will unlock the hidden cut scene upon completion of the game: the difficulty setting.

Players experiencing Kingdom Hearts III on the Beginner setting will be required to collect all 90 Lucky Emblems, players on Normal will require less, and players braving Proud Mode will require the least. No specific numbers for Normal and Proud Mode settings have been released at this time, however in an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura asserted that Proud Mode players would only need to acquire “a few” of the Lucky Emblems to be awarded the hidden cut scene.

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