Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo: Reach Coming To PC

After months of rumours, 343 Industries have confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will soon be available on PC. This ground-breaking announcement was coupled with the exciting news that Halo: Reach is also being added to the MCC, bringing the last outstanding instalment of the franchise to the Xbox One. Check out the trailer below.

343’s Brian Jarrard made the announcements during the latest Inside Xbox livestream. The PC release will be available to players on both the Windows Store AND Steam, which is a big step for Xbox to make with its flagship franchise. Whilst this will mean that Valve takes a cut of the profits, the benefit is that it will open up Halo to a much larger audience compared to launching on the Windows Store alone.

The release on PC isn’t going to be a standard port, it aims to be a “first class” experience tailored to the specific wants and needs of PC gamers. 343 are working in collaboration with fellow developers Splash Damage and Ruffian to extensively rework the MCC to support many features such as rebuilt keyboard and mouse controls, custom keybindings, adjustable frame rates and fields of view, as well as compatibility with ultrawide aspect ratios, 4K resolution, and HDR.

The PC launch will be staggered in order to allow fans to get into the fight sooner, and the games will be released chronologically starting with Halo: Reach. Details on individual price points and prospective MCC package deals for the PC have yet to be confirmed, however Jarrard did say that existing MCC owners on Xbox One would receive Halo: Reach multiplayer as a free update – whilst the story campaign and Firefight would be premium extras. Xbox Game Pass holders will receive full access as part of their subscription.

No precise release windows have been given at this time but knowing that one of gaming’s biggest and most loved franchises is on its way to PC at long last is hopefully enough for now. This move by 343 is something that the Halo community has been asking for for a long time, and it will breathe new life into the franchise.

You can watch the full Inside Xbox reveal in the video below.

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