Divinity Spin-Off Fallen Heroes Announced

Larian Studios, the makers of the Divinity series, are developing a spin-off sequel to Divinity: Original Sin II in the form of Divinity: Fallen Heroes.

The Divinity games are some of the best RPG Sword and Sorcery titles out there right now, but Fallen Heroes will be shaking things up by adopting a RTS/Tactics style format.
The game will feature many characters from the main cast of Divinity: Original Sin II, including Fane, Ifan, Lohse, Sebille, Red Emperor, and Beast. The demonic Malady will also feature as a new playable character.

The story will tell the tale of the Apocalypse Squad, a band of Godwoken aboard the Lady Vengeance – an airship. The crew of the Lady Vengeance will traverse the world of Rivellon battling the undead Bloodless and other terrible beasties. Confirmed regions to explore include the Lizard Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom.

Fallen Heroes is being co-developed by Logic Artists, a small development studio based in Copenhagen. The game will feature an updated combat system, introducing firearms and terrain types to battles. Conditions such as Fire, Ice, and Poison will all affect unit positioning – and additional strategic features such as technology trees and special unit recruitment will add yet another layer of complexity. In a recent press release Larian Studios divulged that Fallen Heroes will also feature simultaneous co-op, allowing players “to take turns and combine abilities at the same time.”

Divinity: Fallen Heroes is set to make an appearance at PAX East in Boston this week, and will be released for multiple platforms later this year.

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