The Price Of Xbox Live Gold Is Going Up In The UK

Starting next month, Xbox Live Gold is going to cost UK gamers a little bit more.

Microsoft sent out correspondence earlier today informing Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the UK that the price of the service will be increasing as listed below:

A one month subscription will now cost £6.99 (previously £5.99)
A three month subscription will now cost £17.99 (previously £14.99)
An annual subscription will now cost £49.99 (previously £39.99)

The new pricing will come into effect on May 8th for new subscribers, and on August 7th for existing Gold customers. These changes will bring the price of Xbox Live Gold more in-line with PS Plus, which saw a price rise back in 2017. The correspondence states that the price hike has been implemented in order to “address changing market conditions.”

Multiple sources are advising gamers to stockpile pre-paid Xbox Live Gold subscription cards in a bid to evade the price increase. However this will only serve as a temporary solution, and will require individuals to part with a significant amount of cash up front – which may not be a viable option for many subscribers.

Price rises are always a bitter pill to swallow, but at the very least Microsoft’s notification has given everybody fair warning, promising that “all current subscribers will keep their current subscription fee for 90 days.”

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