Disc-Less Xbox And Game Pass Ultimate Confirmed

Microsoft have confirmed the rumours surrounding the disc-less Xbox One S and the existence of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

In the latest episode of Inside Xbox the company officially announced both products. The disc-less Xbox One S, officially titled the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, will be available from May 7th 2019 and will cost $249.99. Sadly there has been no confirmation of pricing for other territories yet but current USD to GBP exchange rates put the All-Digital Edition at about £191.55. Microsoft have also said that prices will be monitored and adjusted to ensure that the All-Digital Edition is always cheaper than a standard Xbox One S.

The All-Digital Edition will also come with three free games, making it a fantastic option for first-time Xbox owners. The games included are Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, and Sea of Thieves. In addition to this buyers are being offered a special $1 for three months deal on Xbox Game Pass, though it is currently unknown if this offer will be rolled out globally or retained as a US exclusive.

As mentioned earlier Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has also been officially announced by Microsoft, who confirmed that it will combine the services of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft also confirmed its $14.99 price point, which should mean a good deal for UK players too. During the Inside Xbox presentation, Microsoft’s Ben Decker claimed that the decision to combine the two services had come about in response to user feedback, with many people stating they wanted the convenience of a single subscription.

The service will launch sometime in 2019.

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