Nintendo Switch Variants Confirmed

Rumours emerged back in March alleging that two new versions of the Nintendo Switch would be coming to stores: a cheaper handheld-only edition, and a more powerful “Switch Pro.” Reports recently emerged in Japan confirming that the more budget-friendly version of the Nintendo Switch is indeed a thing, and that it’s due to hit shelves this Autumn.

The reports, courtesy of Japanese newspaper Nikkei, confirmed that the less powerful variant of the Nintendo Switch was in the works. They also confirmed that it would be a handheld-only console that wouldn’t connect to a television and would be unable to be placed in a dock like the original Switch.

The Nikkei report also reiterated that a “Pro” model of the Nintendo Switch is planned, though this version has yet to be officially confirmed. Whilst the specs of the Switch Pro won’t allow for a huge leap in performance, they will certainly be an improvement over the original Switch.

The handheld-only Nintendo Switch is due to be released Autumn 2019, with the Switch Pro expected further down the line.

[UPDATE] – New reports have surfaced indicating that the handheld-only edition of the Nintendo Switch will be available considerably earlier than anticipated. Bloomberg published an article yesterday that states the more budget-friendly Switch will be hitting shelves in late June 2019, with the more powerful Switch Pro expected before the end of the year.

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