Bloodborne Board Game On Kickstarter

FromSoftware’s sensational PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne, is getting an official board game.

The board game is being designed by CMON, the same company that created the Bloodborne table-top card game, and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Award winning game designers Eric M. Lang and Michael Shinall have teamed up to deliver a truly authentic vision of Yharnam, complete with a modular tile system and a whole host of miniatures. Check out the trailer for the game’s Kickstarter campaign below:

Since the start of the game’s crowdfunding campaign on 24th April it has raised over £1.5 million, that’s over ten times its original goal with 16 days still to go. And it’s not hard to see why. Bloodborne already has a fervent fan-base as it is, and the chance to experience Yharnam’s mystique without repeatedly banging One’s head against a wall is sure to entice many newcomers too.

The game’s monster miniatures appear well crafted and accurately display the fearsome beasts and twisted souls that haunt Yharnam’s streets. As the trailer shows there are also miniatures of the city’s Hunters for us to play as, all displaying faithfully recreated weapons and garments from the game such as Ludwig’s Holy Blade.

Shinall revealed more details in a series of design diaries, saying that the Bloodborne board game adaptation would focus on more than just combat – rewarding exploration and discovery as well. Players will explore the labyrinthine city of Yharnam in a series of chapters, most of which will include unique tiles recreating key locations from the game such as the Grand Catherdral or the Chapel of Oedon. The rest of the map will be comprised of a face-down stack of random tiles that players will uncover as they move about the game world.

“The players will have their starting location and from there on it’s a matter of uncovering the world.” Shinall says. “As players move, they’ll flip over a tile, populate it accordingly, and continue on, building the overall map as they explore. This means no two games will ever be the same. Even if you’re playing everything exactly the same, the specific order of the tiles, how they connect, what’s on them, etc. will dynamically alter how you approach each game.”

All in all the Bloodborne board game is looking pretty good, and if like me you’re eager to earmark a copy for yourself, you can pop over to the game’s Kickstarter page here.

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