Destiny 2: Patch 2.2.2 Brings Back Outbreak Prime

This week’s reset in Destiny 2 saw the departure of the Revelry, and the arrival of Patch 2.2.2. The patch brought with it a multitude of bug fixes and sandbox changes, as well as the long-awaited fix for the issue with Xur’s latest Invitation of the Nine. Best of all though, 2.2.2 added a new secret Exotic weapon to the game: Outbreak Perfected.

Outbreak Perfected is the reprised version of Outbreak Prime, one of the most celebrated and sought-after Exotic weapons from Destiny 1. Originally obtained from Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine raid, the quest for Outbreak Prime was one of the most complicated secrets ever seen in the Destiny Universe. The secret quest involved an Alternate Reality Game, a mountain of hex code, 900 images, and required the Destiny community to translate binary data into numerals. Suffice to say, it was not an easy puzzle to solve.

The quest for Outbreak Perfected begins on Titan. Players who previously spared Mithrax the Forsaken during the ‘Bad Neighbours’ Adventure will able to access the control room where you first encounter the Fallen Captain. Players who have not completed this Adventure yet, or chose to kill both Mithrax and the Hive Knight at the end of Titan’s World Quest, will have to run it again.

Once inside the control room, players will have to search the area for a Fallen Transponder to start the quest. Examining the Transponder shows that there are six nodes that need to be activated to progress the quest. These nodes are hidden within Lost Sectors throughout the EDZ and Nessus. Some of them can be difficult to find, even if you know where to look, but there are already plenty of walkthrough guides available if players need the help.


The Lost Sectors players will need to visit are:

  • Atrium – Trostland, EDZ
  • Widow’s Walk – Trostland, EDZ
  • The Drain – Outskirts, EDZ
  • Whispered Falls – Outskirts, EDZ
  • The Rift – Exodus Black, Nessus
  • Carrion Pit – Glade of Echoes, Nessus

Unlocking all six Transponder nodes will reveal a set of coordinates that will lead you to the Farm in the EDZ. Head down the side of the barn to discover a hatch leading into a previously inaccessible underground area. At the end of the path lies the barn’s basement and one hell of an interesting rendezvous. Interacting with this mystery contact unlocks a new mission called Zero Hour, not unlike the hidden quest to obtain the Whisper of the Worm. Make sure you’re prepared before approaching the contact though, as the Zero Hour mission will commence immediately – and like The Whisper mission it has a 20 minute time limit.

Players will be transported to the Old Tower where their mettle will be tested against a mix of sadistic firefights and platforming puzzles. At present the Zero Hour mission is borderline impossible to complete solo, though a few dogged individuals have managed it. Still, we highly recommend attempting it as part of a fireteam – especially if you’re tackling it on Heroic difficulty. Complete the mission within the time limit and Outbreak Perfected will be yours. Again, if you want a detailed walkthrough there are plenty available online.

After initial completion the mission can be accessed from the EDZ region map. Revisiting Zero Hour on Heroic difficulty will grant players access to another puzzle, and much like its Whisper counterpart it appears this puzzle must be solved in sections over the space of three weeks. The puzzle involves locating three configuration items and three hidden keycards throughout the Old Tower and bringing them to the Cryptarch vault. Completing this challenge will grant players extra progress towards obtaining the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst as well as a new ship for those who complete all three configuration puzzles.

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