New World Of Warcraft Cinematic Shines A Light On Thrall’s Return

In our last article about the upcoming 8.2 patch for World of Warcraft we examined the return of Thrall. One of our most burning questions was: How? How was Thrall going to return? What narrative has Blizzard set in place to draw one of WoW’s most beloved heroes out of retirement?

Well now, thanks to a new cinematic we have the answer.

The last time we saw Thrall he was departing for Nagrand in Outland, the name given to the floating shattered remnants of Draenor – the Orc home world. The new cinematic, entitled Safe Haven, depicts the reunion between Saurfang and Thrall upon the plains of Nagrand, where Thrall has built a new life for himself and his family. A life of peace and seclusion. Unlike most of Draenor, Nagrand is a green, fertile land. It is here that we see Thrall surrounded by fields of golden wheat and sharpening a scythe when Saurfang arrives.

Thrall refuses to take up the mantle of Warchief again, even after hearing of the Horde’s plight, and it is at this point that the pair are ambushed by Forsaken assassins. Thrall accuses Saurfang of leading the assassins to his doorstep, to which he replies that it was he who followed the assassins. Sylvanas knew where Thrall was hiding and sent the Forsaken after him. Understanding that he cannot run from the fight that lays ahead, Thrall walks over to his anvil and pushes it over, revealing a hole in the ground in which his axe is hidden.

This cinematic gives us some much needed context on how the Horde story arc will develop after Patch 8.2, and with Thrall on his side Saurfang’s rebellion stands a much better chance of achieving victory.

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