Super Mario Maker 2 Reveal

In its most recent Nintendo Direct livestream, Nintendo spilled the beans on the sequel to 2015’s celebrated WiiU title Super Mario Maker.

In the 17-minute stream dedicated to the game, Nintendo shared many new creative tools that would feature in Super Mario Maker 2 such as swinging claws, on-off switches, and even a night mode with some interesting side-effects.

Unlike its predecessor, Super Mario Maker 2 will also have a Story Mode. In the Story Mode, Princess Peach’s castle has been destroyed and Mario will need to play through Nintendo-made courses to earn coins for the reconstruction effort.

Nintendo also announced that Super Mario 3D World mode is coming to Super Mario Maker 2. This mode supports features that none of the other modes do, including glass pipes and Mario’s cat suit.

Super Mario Maker 2 comes out for the Nintendo Switch on June 28th. You can watch the full reveal stream below.

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