Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Demo Announced

A closed Alpha test for Nioh 2 will be kicking off this week starting on May 24th and running until June 02nd.

The limited time Alpha Demo was announced yesterday in a tweet from developers Team Ninja and was accompanied by a new trailer. Nioh 2 is the upcoming sequel to 2017’s highly successful Nioh, a Dark Souls-inspired game that told the story of a western sailor who becomes a samurai during a dark fantasy version of Japan’s Sengoku period.

The story of Nioh is in fact loosely based on the life of a real-life historical figure. There is no evidence to suggest that Sengoku era Japan was plagued by hordes of Oni, but William Adams was a real-life English navigator who arrived in Japan as part of a Dutch trade mission in 1600. Adams was not allowed to leave the country and settled in Japan, eventually becoming one of the very few western samurai.

The Alpha Demo is currently believed to be an invite only event, and yours truly was lucky enough to be selected. The text of the invite email reads thusly:

“You have been chosen, masocore warrior! Be one of the first in the world to play Nioh 2 in our limited time Alpha Demo. A new samurai, three intense missions and a revamped combat system await!”

Expect a full report once we’ve had a chance to experience the Alpha demo in all its glory.

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