Star Ocean: First Departure R Coming To PS4 And Switch

SquareEnix is bringing the original Star Ocean to current gen consoles in the form of Star Ocean: First Departure R.

First Departure R is essentially a remastered port of Star Ocean: First Departure – a remake of the original Star Ocean released for the PSP back in 2008. We’ve seen this kind of thing before from Capcom, who released an excellent remake of the original Resident Evil for the GameCube back in 2002 and then ported a remastered version to all current-gen consoles as a digital release.


The original Star Ocean released for the Super Nintendo back in 1996, coincidentally the same year that the original Resident Evil launched on PlayStation. The SNES was seven years old at this point and it was starting to show. In fact, Star Ocean was so advanced for its time that its cartridge required special hardware to run properly on the aging console. Despite the limitations of the SNES’s hardware Star Ocean was a commercial success and spawned four sequels, the most recent being 2016’s Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.

Star Ocean: First Departure R has been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, though no release window or further details have been revealed at this time.

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