Baldur’s Gate III Announced

Those of you who saw the teased image last week or read our recent Stadia Connect reveal post might have seen this one coming – Baldur’s Gate III has been officially announced!

The announcement came this Thursday from Belgian developers Larian Studios, best known for the Divinity: Original Sin games. Alongside the announcement was a fantastic (disgusting) teaser trailer. Watch it below:

In a press release about the game, Larian had to following to say:

“Baldur’s Gate III will push the boundaries of the RPG genre and offer a rich narrative with unparalleled player freedom, high-stakes decisions, unique companion characters and memorable combat. It is Larian Studios’ biggest production ever and will be playable together with friends or as a single-player adventure.”

Baldur’s Gate III will see the return of a malevolent presence to the famed city, and is the first main entry in the beloved D&D series since 2001. Back then it was BioWare who were at the reins, and from the sounds of it it wasn’t easy for Larian to persuade Wizards of the Coast that they were the ones to carry on their legacy. Apparently it took some serious smooth-talking (as well as some Iron Flask-related kidnapping.)
Larian Studios released a charming,albeit cringey, Community Update video documenting the ordeal:

No release date has been confirmed, but as detailed in our Stadia Connect reveal post, Baldur’s Gate III has been listed as one of the titles available through Google Stadia when it launches this November. The game will also launch for PC, though obviously we cannot say if this will be at the same time as the Stadia version.

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