HEROIC Armoury: Jabberhäkke-D

Hello everyone and welcome to the first instalment of HEROIC Armoury, a subcategory of articles covering various weapons from around the gaming world. HEROIC Armoury articles are written in a technical copy/advertisement style and are intended to read as non-fiction, despite the fact that the weapons themselves are entirely fictional.

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Weapon: Jabberhäkke-D
Game: Destiny 1
Images: Destiny Wiki

Beware, My Gun!


The latest addition to Häkke’s Hawkwood line, the Jabberhäkke-D is an enhanced version of the weapon that defined modern Häkke sidearms. Designed for Guardians from the ground up, the Jabberhäkke-D features rubberised Häkke D-series grips and is finished in Tower Vanguard colours using our toughened ceramic coating, providing the user with unrivalled ergonomic handling. The Jabberhäkke-D features picatinny rails on the three, six, and nine o’clock faces and comes pre-fitted with a Häkke Rangefinder laser module.

The titanium alloy slide is fully CNC milled to exacting specifications and features inverted slide rails to prevent dust and debris from jamming the action, whilst the Jabberhäkke’s double-wide rear serrations provide unparalleled purchase when you need it most. A recessed and shortened spur hammer gives the Jabberhäkke-D a sleek profile and eliminates any risk of snagging. The trigger guard has been squared-off and has ample room for gloved, gripped, or gauntleted fingers. The H-ST block trigger is beautifully responsive with a short travel and pronounced reset.

All of the titanium alloy and tempered City-foundry steel used in Häkke firearms is extensively pressure and temperature tested, giving Guardians the best possible performance in excessive heat, cold, and humidity. So whether you’re trekking through Venus’s sulphuric jungles or scouring the frozen red sands of Meridian Bay, the Jabberhäkke-D will be your stalwart companion.

Almost every single part of the Jabberhäkke’s internals can be tailored to a Guardian’s individual needs. The Jabberhäkke-D is compatible with all existing SteadyHand, SureShot, FastDraw, QuickDraw, and TrueSight IS Holo-Iron sight systems. Additionally the weapon can be tweaked to increase handling and reload speed in close quarters engagements. And the Jabberhäkke’s stopping power gives Guardians an edge in those Danger Close situations – now that’s what I call a Perk! Whether you’re Surrounded or just need to do some Crowd Control, the Jabberhäkke will deliver every single time.

A solid steel guide rod adds weight to the weapon, offsetting the lightness of the titanium exterior, whilst a subtle beavertail allows for a higher grip, keeping the bore axis low in the hand and cutting down the effects of recoil. The JabberHakke-D is DA/SA as standard and incorporates the same 4.4 inch (112mm) 11-in-1 twist tight bore barrel technology that provides all of Hakke’s sidearms with increased muzzle velocity beyond what any other City-made sidearm can achieve. The JabberHakke-D comes chambered in the powerful yet manageable 10mm CGM-E (City Guardian Magnum Elemental) and is sold with 15 round mags as standard.

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