New Promotional Images Revealed For Netflix Witcher TV Series

Some new promo shots dropped recently for the highly controversial Netflix Witcher TV Series we reported on earlier this year.

The series, which has so far drawn a mixture of anxiety, cautious optimism, and outright hostility from fans stars Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman) as the famous monster hunter – Geralt of Rivia. Alongside Cavill are rising stars Anya Chalotra as Yennifer of Vengerburg and Freya Allen as Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, better known as Ciri.

Below we get to see new images of all three in costume. Cavill undoubtedly looks better here than he did before in that leaked set footage, however there appears to be one incredibly important discrepancy between Cavill’s Geralt and the one we know and love from the books and games: his sword. That’s right, sword, not swords.

Everyone who’s so much as dipped their toe in the deep pool of Witcher lore knows that Witchers carry two swords – steel for men, silver for monsters. The glaring absence of a second sword raises some very concerning questions about the series. Other publications have theorised that the lack of a second sword might indicate more of a focus on political intrigue, with monster slaying taking a backseat. Another theory is that we do not see the sword in the promotional art because it is with Roach, Geralt’s horse. (In the Witcher books Geralt does not carry both swords across his back, instead he keeps the silver sword with his saddlebags.)


Either way, if there is not a canonical reason for the sword’s absence it would be an almost unforgivable blunder for the Netflix team to make. Add to this the previous fan backlash regarding Geralt’s appearance and the controversial decision to cast Anya Chalotra as Yennifer (the decision angered some fans as Chalotra is of Indian descent and Yennifer is notoriously fair-skinned) and it’s not looking good for the project so far.

As a big Witcher fan myself I am concerned about where the Netflix series is taking the franchise, but like many others I have only played the Witcher video games and not read Andrej Sapkowski’s books, so there is much I do not know and Netflix’s interpretation of the source material could very well be closer to Sapkowski’s vision that what CD Projekt Red created. And on top of that the images and information we’ve received so far is very little to go on, certainly far too little to condemn the project here and now. All we can do for now is keep an open mind, and wish the Netflix team good luck on The Path.

[UPDATE] – Okay so it looks like they’ve got a reason lined-up for Geralt’s lack of a second sword. I’m not sure if this tweet from series director Lauren Hissrich makes me feel better or worse.

Until what? UNTIL WHAT LAUREN?! He should have had both of those swords since he passed the Trial of the Grasses!

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