Gears 5 Ditches Season Pass Model

In a recent blog post, Gears 5 developer The Coalition laid out plans for how players would access additional content in the game post-launch.

In the post it was confirmed that Gears 5 would not carry on the series tradition of offering players a Season Pass, nor will Gears 5 contain Gears of War 4’s controversial Gear Packs. For those of you not familiar with Gear Packs, they were essentially card packs bought with real world money that dropped random ability and buff cards for use in Horde Mode.

The absence of a Season Pass means that all post-launch DLC multiplayer maps will be available to all players free of charge, whether you’re playing in matchmaking or private. However Gears 5 will still contain microtransactions, just none that are subject to RNG. The game will feature an in-game currency called Iron, which can be earned through play or bought with real world money. Iron is used to direct-purchase premium cosmetics and other items found in the in-game store.

Loot Boxes will remain in Gears 5 in the form of Supply Drops. Supply Drops are earned by spending time in Gears 5’s multiplayer modes and reward players with a random item drop from a unique loot pool. Duplicates can occur but all duplicate items are automatically converted into Scrap, which can then be used to craft other Supply Drop items you don’t already have. The Coalition stressed that neither Supply Drops nor Supply Drop content can be purchased with real world money.

A new addition to Gears 5 are Boosts. Boosts are new optional purchases that provide accelerated progression for a set period of real world time. At the moment they come in three flavours: Double Multiplayer XP, Double Character XP for Escape and Horde, and Double Speed Supply Drop Progression.

Lastly, Gears 5 will introduce a new system for earning seasonal content called Tour of Duty. The Tour of Duty system is extensive and charges players with completing Daily Challenges and earning seasonal Medals in order to rank up and earn customisation content for their avatar, including character skins. All of the earnable content in Tour of Duty and the requirements for obtaining it are clearly laid out, players will know exactly what they have to do in order to get each customisation item. The blog post also clarifies that there will be no premium pay-only items in the Tour of Duty system.

The Coalition signs off by saying that they have much more information to share with fans before the game’s release. Gears 5 is out September 10th for Xbox One and PC.

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