QuakeCon 2019 Summary

QuakeCon 2019 kicked off in Texas last Friday and despite its namesake it brought with it a hell of a lot of Doom. (Geddit?)

id Software’s annual gathering started with a keynote presentation revealing more about the upcoming Doom Eternal, the latest instalment in the long-running franchise. The keynote provided fans with a second look at Doom Eternal’s recently announced Battlemode, a 3-player PvP experience that pits a pair of player-controlled demons against the Doom Slayer in a typically visceral and unexpectedly tactical fight to the death.

Bethesda and id dropped a nice little surprise during the keynote in the form of a port of the original Doom trilogy. Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 are now all available for purchase digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The games are also available to download and play on iOS and Android. You can watch the Doom trilogy re-release trailer as well as the keynote in full below:

The keynote presentation was followed by a panel looking back at the last 25 years of Doom and reflecting on the influence the game series has had on the industry as a whole. The panel consisted of id creative director Hugo Martin, id senior producer Kevin Cloud, Bethesda senior VP of development Todd Vaughn, Bethesda Game Studios studio co-director Tom Mustain, and MachineGames executive producer Jerk Gustafsson.

The following day saw three more panels including: Our Future Continues! – What’s Next For Fallout 76, Knee-Deep in the Doom – Doom Eternal Gameplay, and Building Tamriel – The Evolution of ESO. All of the panels held at QuakeCon 2019 are now available to watch on-demand through Betheda Softworks YouTube channel.

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