343 Hails Flight One For Halo: MCC On PC A Success, Confirms Next Flight Will Focus On Firefight Mode

In a recent post on the Halo Waypoint forums, 343 Industries recapped their goals regarding the initial flight of testing for Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s PC release.

In the recap they broke down how the flight went and what they’d learnt from it so that they can continue to improve the flight programme’s later stages and ensure the eventual release of Halo: Reach and the wider MCC on Steam is everything it can be.
“The first public flight was designed to help test various amounts of hardware specifications and the delivery pipelines we are using for the Halo Insider program.”
“This first flight has done its job in helping to fully validate the scalability of our system as well as the hardware configurations.”

Out of those selected for Flight One from the Halo Insider Program’s applicants, over 60% downloaded and played the flight. In addition to this, responses given by players in the follow-up survey at the flight’s conclusion were overwhelmingly positive.

Looking forward 343 says it aims to “continually streamline and improve” the flight programme, and that sentiments received from the player base have been “very encouraging.”

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