New Trailer Drops For Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC

A new trailer shown in the run-up to 2019’s Tokyo Game Show gave fans a closer look at Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:Mind DLC.

The trailer highlighted some awesome cinematic battles involving Aqua, Roxas, and Riku – as well as showing Sora wielding the iconic Oathkeeper keyblade, which was notably absent from the base game.

In the trailer we are also introduced to some flashy new combo actions with characters like Lea, Xion, and Ventus. Whilst combo actions aren’t anything new, it’s good to see Square Enix shaking Kingdom Hearts III’s combat up a bit by adding some new moves to the player’s arsenal.

Lastly we get struck with a little déjà vu as the trailer closes out by showing Lingering Will facing-off once again against Terra Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the Re:Mind DLC due out sometime this Winter.

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