Project Resistance Teaser Trailer Dropped

Ahead of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Capcom finally unveiled their next Resident Evil game: the mysterious Project Resistance.

A spin-off game, Project Resistance is a 4 vs 1 experience that pits a group of survivors against a legion of undead controlled by a diabolical mastermind. The survivors must work together to survive and escape the deadly experiment they find themselves in before time runs out, whilst the mastermind must use any and all means at their disposal to thwart them.

We now know that Project Resistance incorporates a few RPG elements. For example each survivor comes with their own unique class and skills, making each of them better suited to certain tasks and roles within the team. There’s a tanky character, a healer, a damage-dealer, and a tech-savvy character. Damage inflicted or received also features visible numbers, which is a nice touch.

The mastermind on the other hand must track the survivors via an array of security cameras and will be able to set traps, manipulate the environment, and even deploy infected creatures throughout the map. During play it is possible for the mastermind to assume direct control of one of these creatures, be it a zombie, a licker, or even the terrifying Tyrant.

More info on Project Resistance is expected following a closed beta next month.

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