MediEvil Remake Gets “Short-Lived” Demo

In their latest State of Play livestream, Sony announced the release of a demo for the upcoming MediEvil remake.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, MediEvil is the tale of fraudulent hero Sir Daniel Fortesque. Heralded as the hero of Gallowmere, Sir Dan is remembered by history as the gallant knight who defeated an army of demons and slew the evil sorcerer Zarok. In truth poor old Sir Dan was killed at the first charge when he took an arrow in the eye. Zarok and his army were bested by Gallowmere’s militia and the ignoble truth about Dan’s death covered up.

Fast forward 100 years and Zarok has returned to finish what he started, raising an army of undead to do his bidding. Unbeknownst to the sorcerer he accidentally raised Sir Dan from the dead too, and so the skeletal knight sets out to defeat Zarok once and for all, and live up to his legend.

The MediEvil “Short-Lived” (hur, hur) demo is available to download right now from the PS Store, but as its name implies, it won’t be around forever. The demo will be available until October 7th and it’ll be gone. So if you’re a fan of the 1998 PS One original or a newcomer to SIE’s action-comedy classic, now’s as good a time as any to dive in and have a go!

Whilst playing the demo, keep your eyes peeled in Dan’s Crypt for Dan’s Helmet. Previously only included in the Japanese edition of the original MediEvil, this battered helm will provide players with an additional challenge when equipped. Best of all, acquiring the helmet in the demo unlocks it for the full game when it releases at the end of October.

The MediEvil remake releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 on October 25th.

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