Sony Announce Departure Of SIE World Studios Chairman Shawn Layden

Sony have announced that after 32 years with the company, Shawn Layden will be stepping down as Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios.

In many ways the face of the PlayStation brand, Shawn Layden was a prominent figure at big press conferences like E3. No reason was given for his departure from Sony, nor has a successor been named. Stranger still, the news came directly from PlayStation’s official Twitter account, with no words on the matter from Layden himself before or since.

Prior to extensive company restructuring in 2016, Shawn Layden was the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America and had been with the company since 1987, previously serving as both the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and the Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Most recently, Shawn Layden oversaw the creation of PlayStation Productions, a new division founded exclusively to adapt Sony’s video game IPs for film and television.

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